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Печь для бани Радуга ПБ-31Б

Печь для бани Радуга ПБ-31Б
  • Под заказ, 5 дней

13 800 руб.

Печь для бани Радуга ПБ-31Б
13 800 руб.
Под заказ, 5 днейПечь для бани Радуга ПБ-31Б
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  • +79268916402 Москва
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Печь для бани Радуга ПБ-31Б под навесной бак 55л ( бак приобретается отдельно)

Печь ПБ-31Б (под навесной бак 55л) проста в монтаже, используется для бань площадью до 30 куб.м. Оснащена вместительным баком для воды на 55 л.  Верхняя часть кожуха выполнена из листового материала, что понижает скорость равномерного распространения пара по всему объему помещения. Любую банную печь, в том числе и ПБ-31 Б, вы купите на сайте http://shamakov-r-zh.tiu.ru/

Объем парилки (м.куб)    от 20 до 35 м. куб.
Мощность печи (м.куб.)    до 30 м. куб
Габариты д/ш/в (мм)    700х500х830
Толщина стали (мм)    4 мм
Глубина топки, длина дров (мм)    680
Диаметр дымохода (мм)    115
Производитель    Радуга

Stones poured from above the furnace. Direct contact with the air is only the top layer. Stones placed in this solution are not very many, and very large impact on the temperature in the steam room, they do not have. Around the furnace body arrange the mesh. In this embodiment, the loaded stones mass may be even more than 100 kg. since a lot of stones, until heated through, they take much of the heat. This increases the warm-up time of the steam room. But on the other hand, they close the fiery walls of the firebox, the heat becomes softer. Design of grid-stoves for saunas. They are also fueled with wood Design of grid-stoves for saunas. They are also fueled with wood If you need to quickly heat up the steam room, you fit the first option of the heater — outdoor. Under normal insulation of steam can be 30-40 minutes if the starting temperature was above zero. But near the stove seriously is not really "fry" it. To make this radiation is not so intense, around many furnaces with an outdoor heater, make the casing. He performs another task: accelerate warming. This happens due to the fact that between the wall of the casing and the furnace is moving the air. It heats up and takes some of the heat, improving its distribution. This type of heating is called convection (and the casing). Wood-burning stove-mesh warm steam slower: under the same conditions they will require an hour or an hour twenty. But the radiation from the furnace is by far not as strict and more lenient. The large mass of stones better retains heat after the furnace is quenched and better dry bath. It is located inside the closed stove. She needed to get a light pair for the Russian pair. The top is outdoor heater. It poured the infusions of herbs for fragrance It is located inside the closed stove. She needed to get a light pair for the Russian pair. The top is outdoor heater. It poured the infusions of herbs for fragrance Closed stove located inside the furnace. The stones in them with the air in the steam room of virtually no contact. Because of this, they are heated to very high temperatures. Depending on design — from 500°C to 750°C. This temperature is needed for producing hot expanded steam, which is characteristic for the Russian pair. As in this case, directly to pour water on the rocks is problematic, it is inserted into a metal tube, with a funnel on the end. Steam is pouring in this device the water. She gets on the hot stones, which evaporates abruptly, with a distinctive sound, like a gunshot. The Association increases dramatically escaping column of steam. Because, perhaps, this design is called a steam gun. 

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Производитель  Радуга
Страна производительРоссия
Назначение печиБанная
Вид топливаТвердое
Расположение печиПристенное
Тип печиОдноярусная
Объем парной35 куб. м
Материал топки  Сталь
Толщина материала топки  4 мм
Вес65 кг
Гарантийный срок  12 мес
Информация для заказа
  • Цена: 13 800 руб.